FursonaCon Cyberspace Online 2020

Dear FursonaCon 2020 School of Magic Students and Vendors,

We are writing to inform you that FursonaCon 2020 has been postponed. After careful consideration and consultation with our staff, and our venue, we’ve decided that it is in the best interest of safety for you, and our staff, to postpone this year’s event.

Changes to this event
FursonaCon 2020 will be moved to September 9-12th 2021. Our theme will remain the same, and we hope this change gives you extra time to practice your spells and brew your potions!

We will have a public event online, FursonaCon’s CyberSpace Online! This event will take place on August 29th and 30th, and will have a schedule of events including panels, video games, vendors hall and artist alley, and other fun social activities! We hope to see you there. Please see the attached transmission: https://youtu.be/kmqVyQDPwZk

If you’re a registered vendor, please see a separate communication that will be sent to you regarding the plans for the CyberSpace Online event and how to participate in that. We hope you’ll enjoy what we have in mind for you!

Getting a refund
By default, your membership will carry over to next year’s event. If you’re able to make it, no action is necessary on your part! We will see you there and thank you as always for your continued support!!

If you’d like to DONATE your membership fees for this year’s event, to help support SecondChance Wildlife, your membership fee will go directly to them so that they can continue to care for and rehabilitate the animals in their care. Please e-mail us at memberships@fursonacon.com to let us know if you would like your 2020 membership to go directly to charity as a donation. They will be in extra need of support this year especially! If you’d like to donate directly to them, you can do so here: www.2ndchancewildlife.org

The last option, is to request a refund. Please submit your request for a refund to memberships@fursonacon.com within 30 days of this notice and we will process them in the order which we receive them.

If we do not receive communication by August, we will proceed with the default option and your membership will simply continue over to September 2021

The hotel will automatically cancel this year’s reservation for you so don’t forget to re-reserve your rooms for September next year. Keep an eye out on our twitter for when our room block re-opens!

We wish you all a safe rest of 2020, and look forward to seeing you in CyberSpace Online! Thank you for your continued support!

Much love,