The Online Show Information Page

Join our DISCORD to enjoy the show!!!

This online event is free of charge and open to all.  We’ll be hosting a Artist Alley, Panels, Music from our DJ’s, a Fursuit Dance Competition, and more.  We’ll be taking donations all weekend to help out our charity, SecondChance Wildlife!  All of our standard rules will apply to this event.

How does this work!?

Artist Alley:  Any artist is welcome to hop in here.  This channel will be open to any artist to advertise their business.  All of our usual Artist Alley rules will apply (Except for, of course, first come, first serve.  Any artist is welcome to the use the channel.)  If you would like us to put up advertisements during our stream, please send us a picture of your business logo/name to Artist Alley Rules

Panels:  We’ll be hosting several channels for panels.  You can find the list of scheduled panels in the link up top.  Panels will be run through Discords voice chat and video streams.  We ask that you allow the panelist/s to do their presentation and only talk when necessary.  Typing out questions and the like in the chat will help keep the presenter on track.

Main Events:  We can’t have a convention without some Main Events action.  We will be hosting a few shows and also setting up our DJ’s to stream live shows so we can all party together.  Check out the schedule and set your watch!

Fursuit Dance Competition:  What the what!? I know!  Attached is a link to sign up for this.  “How does this work FursonaCon?  Explain!” In the link we would like you to provide us with your Fursuit name, your email, and a link to your favorite video of you dancing.  You must play by all the usual rules of the Fursuit Dance Competition.  With a new rule!  Your video may not have any cuts or edits to make it look cooler.  We would like to judge you as if in person.  Here is the signup form: COMING SOON!

Gamer Channel:  This is still in the works! We’re gathering resources and knowledge to host some video games, board games, and TTRPG.

We’re going to do our best to provide you the best show we can.  We want to thank all of you for your continued support as we move forward.