Dealers Signup!

Sign ups coming November 15th, and will last until March 15th.

Dealers Den Policies

What We Look For: 

  1. Quality:  We want to offer the best to our attendees, so we will look at the overall quality of your product.
  2. Variety:  We want to offer a large selection of products to our attendees.  We will look at diversity in your work as well as the overall diversity of products in the Dealers’ Den.
  3. Quantity:  In order to supply the number of attendees we have every year, it is important that our dealers be able to provide an appropriate amount of product.
  4. Previous dealer experience is not necessary.
  5. Prior violations of FursonaCon policies will also be factored into the decision making process.

Approval: We’ll be having three selection dates.  January 15th, February 15th, and March 15th.  If you have been approved you will be sent an email notifying you. You will have 1 week from the time the email is sent to purchase your table. If your table is not purchased in that time your claim to it will be forfeit and it will be offered to the next person on the waitlist. If you were approved and you miss out on your table, you can email us and request to be placed on the waitlist.

If you are placed on the waitlist, you will be added to the bottom of the list.  If we reach you again, you will have another 48 hour period to purchase your table.  If you do not purchase it at that time, you will not be added to the wait list again.


Thursday: 3pm-11pm (FOR DEALERS ONLY)

Friday: 8am-7pm for Dealers only, 10am-6pm for Everyone

Saturday: 9am-7pm for Dealers only, 10am-6pm for Everyone

Sunday: 9am-7pm for Dealers only, 10am-5pm for Everyone

Please note: Dealers are not required to be in the rooms or selling during the open hours.

Loading dock: Dealers are welcome to use the loading dock, however you may not leave a vehicle there unattended once you are done unloading your items. Please plan to park your vehicle as soon as you are done unloading. The loading dock is located on the back right side from the front of the hotel.

Dealer Room: The Dealers’ Den will be secured when not open. Hotel Security and/or Animal Control (Convention AMS) will be patrolling the area at all times.

Taxes:  You are obligated by Virginia state law to collect sales tax and turn it into the state after the weekend. FursonaCon is not responsible for your taxes or providing the forms.  All forms can be found here:

Space: Tables sizes will be six feet in length. Each table will have a table cloth, skirt and two chairs. If you need additional cloths (to cover merchandise), it is advised to bring your own as there may be a limit to the number of clothes provided by the hotel.

Each table will also have at least four feet behind it. If your setup requires additional space behind your table (for display or stock), please let us know as soon as possible.  Dealer displays may not exceed eight feet in height.

We must ask that all dealers keep the aisles clear and passages open. Stored and displayed items must not impede traffic flow, both in front of and behind tables. We have a maximum limit of two people per full table behind each table.

Table Sharing: Single tables may be split between two individual dealers.

Internet: Wireless Internet connection will be available from the hotel.  They will give you the password when you check into your hotel room.

Display Guidelines & Behavior: Please remember that not everyone may share your tastes, and that your behavior is representative of the entire fandom. In accordance with state law, we must require that any adult material must not be displayed openly; for example, art/print dealers we request, where applicable, that two separate binders (“clean”, “dirty”) be kept. Additionally, any “naughty” parts of must be covered in some fashion (Post-It notes work well for this). This satisfies State requirements about underage viewing and is discreet for purchasers. Dealers are responsible for keeping unsuitable material out of the hands of minors in the Dealers’ Den. Please card anyone that appears underage.

In addition to the above rule, we have several other regulations which we ask dealers to abide by:

  • No space may be resold or transferred without permission from the Dealers’ Den Coordinator.
  • No loud or annoying displays will be permitted. Any loud noises will be multiplied by the dynamics of the room, so please keep CDs/DVDs at a reasonable volume.
  • No pirated works may be sold in the Dealers’ Den. Piracy is theft, plain and simple. Exceptions can be made for material that is not readily available in the United States (hard-to-find comics, etc.), but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Anything that you sell that is not entirely your creation; you should have permission from all other parties before selling.
  • Free standing displays or stands may not be used in any way that causes a safety issue or clogs the walkway. If you plan on using a stand or display with your table, please inform the Dealers’ Den staff so it can be positioned in a way not to cause problems.
  • No weapons may be sold in the Dealers’ Den. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis, but will need to be cleared through security.
  • No more than two people may be behind a single table at any given time.
  • Please keep your area clean and take your trash with you when you close up each night.

Canceling: If you find you are unable to attend, we are unable to provide a refund.  All table purchases are immediately used to pay for the reserved space.

Final Notes: Complaints or concerns concerning the Dealers’ Den should be addressed to us via Contact Us. Tables that have not been claimed by 10:00AM on Friday of con, without notification to the staff, will be considered abandoned and given away. No refunds or credits will be given for abandoned tables.