Dino Safari Advenure

Coming to FursonaCon 2023

We’re excited to announce the development of an experimental QR code adventure game for FursonaCon 2023! 

Join us for an immersive experience as you explore our convention floor space and interact with our dino-themed characters and locations. Use your smartphone to scan QR codes and progress through the Dino Safari storyline, complete with new challenges and discoveries at every turn.

This will be an experience created by the community, for the community. If you’re interested in being a part of this project in any way, please volunteer.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for a great year!

Join the Team

Please submit either your Telegram or Discord handle so we may contact you.

Role Details

While these roles are not required, we’re looking for passionate individuals to join our team and help make the Dino Safari Adventure the best it can be. Experiences like this are made with love and the hardwork of volunteers. If you’d like to say you helped make a game, please consider joining us!

Volunteers will be subjected to spoilers.

All volunteers are welcomed to help with any other part of the game. This is a collaborative project.

All volunteers will be credited wherever possible.

Character Artist

Helps create and design the visual appearance of characters in the game. This can include things like character standees that will be placed around the convention floorspace, dialogue expressions for the story, or background characters.

Background Artist

Helps create and design the visual appearance of the game’s environments and settings. This can include things like background art, printable decorations, or other assets that add to the atmosphere.

Resource Artist

Helps create and design the visual appearance of the game’s miscellaneous elements like quest objects, markers, etc.

Quest Designer

Helps create and design various quests, missions, and challenges that the player will be able to do – within the constraints of this game being QR code based. 

Story Writer

Helps create and write the storyline of the game, character dialogue, quest dialogue, and anywhere else they can assist. Our team already has a general idea of the storyline, but we need help tying it all together.

QA Tester

Around August, we would like to have a small group of players who are willing to test the game. Our current idea is to have a sheet of all of the QR codes, letting you play the game without running around the floorspace.


Depending on the number of volunteers that sign up and the features of the game that we agree upon, there may be additional roles that become available. Extra hands are always welcomed!

This is a first time experiment and we hope it turns out to be a fun experience for all attendees!

Dino Safari Adventure
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