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Dino Safari Advenure

Welcome to pre-registration for our new experiment for FursonaCon – a QR-code based adventure that will bring even more fun to the weekend and gives you something to do during downtime between panels.

Create an account, get access to the Explorer’s Dashboard, and help us test out our system. If you have ideas feel free to send them to us using the feedback form on the dashboard – or volunteer to really be a decision maker in the process!

Current Planned Ideas

  • Explorer Points
    • Complete quests and earn achievements which contribute to your total number of explorer points. This point system will have a leaderboard completely separate from the team-based competition that will be occuring throughout the main events. This gives individuals their own game to compete in!
  • Main Story Quest
    • Follow the convention mascots, Batty and Nuts, on a Dino Safari Adventure as they learn about our prehistoric friends, meet an interesting cast of paleontologists, and even discover something new!
  • Side Quests
    • Earn bonus explorer points by completing side quests like getting your photo taken at our photo booth, completing time-based repeatable quests, or by finding secret QR codes around the con. (Some QR codes may only be out for one day of the con. Some QR codes may be top-secret bonus codes held onto by the staff.)
  • Earn Rewards
    • The explorer who earns the most points by the end of the weekend will earn a special prize.
    • We are also considering a small tricket for players who complete the main storyline.
Dino Safari Adventure
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