FursonaCon DJs

DJ Midnight

“It all started with a Sony Walkman and some cheap dollar store headphones many moons ago.  I always envisioned music as a fluid medium substituting bits and pieces of songs until finally happy with them in my head. These days, thanks to the digital age, I’m able to take that magical world of sound from my head to the speakers spinning those old school tunes with fresh new beats. My love in life is to produce a sound that gets the head bobbing and body moving without the audience knowing it, once fully immersed I plan to be your captain on this magical journey through music.”

DJ SoundMello

“I was inspired by a lot of DJs from around the world to get into DJing. I started DJing in 2014 and been learning ever since. I want to be a great DJ and also teach others the ropes of being a DJ. I play House, Hardstyle, and Trance music. They call me SoundMello because I can go from soft to hard and back to soft again. Once I’m on deck, get ready for a Mello night.”

DJ Tala

“Dj Tala has been djing for a year now and has grown powerful every step of the way. My name is Ivan aka Dj Tala or Cyber from the Cyberfurz. I started djing back in high school but soon stop as I went to college. I started back up cause I missed the music and the excitement of it. I found the name Tala cause its the meaning of red wolf, stalking wolf. Meaning as the music plays I stalk my prey and find what music they like and then BOOM! Hit them with the surprise.”

DJ 2 Uneek

“Smooth transitions with a creative flare, DJ 2 Uneek will keep you rocking. Mashups that you’re never heard before with a creative twist that will keep you guessing what’s next. You’ll walk away saying, ” Hum that was Uneek.”


“HaZMaT has been a local DJ in the Peninsula for seven years. He got his start working as a country DJ at Saddle Ridge in Hampton, Virginia.  He then moved on to the Eagles Nest of Chesapeake and various restaurants like T.G.I Fridays. Now, after being introduced to electronic music, you can find him spinning at the local raves and bars such as 37th and Zen. “

DJ Que

“The crowd dictates my playlist, I have a few songs that I know that I might want to play, but ultimately the crowd chooses the music. -Que Sweat. At an early age, Que was definitely born to be different. Born and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia, Que was introduced to all different genres of music. From Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, and Poison to Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and New Edition. Que loved music and so did his family. So you will not be surprised or disappointed when you hear a random mashup that you were not expecting. After serving six years in the United States Army, Que began working at a local trampoline arena, where he was introduced to Electronic Dance Music. Que have heard some of the older “house”, “club”, and “techno” music from watching MTV and listening to sampled tracks from Hip-Hop artist but not like this. After talking to and partying with several local DJ’s, Que decided to learn the Art of DJing. He has only been an active DJ since May 2014, and still a rookie to the ins and outs, but when you hear him play, you swear that he has been spinning all of his life. Drawing his inspiration from DJ Kakumei X, Jay Dreadwolf, DJ Insomnia, DJ Okashun, DJ Bass (formally DJ 626), DJ Hiki, DJ Junkyard, The Doctor, DavidM, Stacey Essene, Anthony Paul, Darius Twin, Kenny J, Patrick Currier, Genki Darkstar, and Nega Knights, just to name a few; Que has been able to play without really sticking to a certain style. So just let the music take control, sit back, relax and enjoy the show cause there is one thing that DJ Que is going to do…… He’s Gonna Make You Sweat!”