Floor Wars

Floor Wars is an “all-styles dance battle” event, where furries go head-to-head against each other in a round-robin style competition to see who can out-dance the other to a variety of different music. Floor Wars features both non-fursuits and fursuits, allowing a glimpse of the amazing talent within the community that might be missed otherwise. There will be two different categories for non-fursuit and fursuit, allowing us to crown two winners. With lots of energy, fun, and jaw-dropping moves to cheer for, you’re guaranteed to have a great time watching the fandom’s finest dancers battle for victory on the dance floor.  Sign-ups take place at the event, so please show up at least fifteen minutes early to sign in. 

Winners of non-fursuit and fursuit receive:

2019 FSC Attending Membership and FSC 2018 t-shirt.