Fursuit Dance Competition

Online signups coming in June!  There will be required check ins and last minute signups at con in Main Events.  Times will be posted on the schedule.  The competition will be taking place at 8 p.m. on Saturday night.



    1. Competitors have the option of signing up online before the convention to help show the level of interest in competing in the the Fursuit Dance Competition.
    2. There will be a final sign-up and check-in on Saturday (staring at noon) where we will check you in and also approve your music selection.
    3. The cut-off for maximum entrees will be 20.
  1. MUSIC
    1. Performances are limited to a MAX of 2 minutes. If a competitor’s music is longer, the music will be cut off at 2 minutes.
    2. You may bring your music on a USB Flash drive, or we can pull it up online.
    1. Judging will be based on three categories:

A. Movement: Originality of steps, variety of movements and degree of difficulty. Few repetitions and contrast of movements.

B. Execution: Ease of transition between movement, continuous motion in dance. Dance free from hindrances or difficulties.

C. Presentation: Movements are performed with vitality and energy. Dancers exhibit confidence, enthusiasm, and charisma.

    1. Only those finishing first, second, and third will be announced and ranked. Individual scores can be given to individuals through email or at the con privately.
    1. First Place – 2019 FSC God-Level Membership & 2018 FSC T-shirt.
    2. Second Place – 2019 FSC Sponsor Membership & 2018 FSC T-shirt.
    3. Third Place – 2019 FSC Attending Membership & 2018 FSC T-shirt.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this event is to have fun and put on a good show for everyone watching.

We greatly appreciate everyone willing to try out and compete even if they do not end up winning the competition. Please be courteous to make sure this is a fun event for all!