Fursuit Dance Competition 2024

All Applications must be in by Friday, August 30th!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns – please email [email protected]


1st Place
God Level Membership FSC 2025 and FSC 2024 T-shirt

2nd Place
Sponsor Level Membership FSC 2025 and FSC 2024 T-shirt

3rd Place
Standard Level Membership FSC 2025 and FSC 2024 T-shirt

Signing Up

  • Everyone, regardless of age, is permitted to sign up.
  • You must sign up via the linked Google form. On-site sign ups will be available if we do not reach 20 competitors.
  • Sign-ups will be open until Friday, August 30th (Friday of the convention)
  • Group signups are not available. Only solo performances. 

Uploading your Music

  • If you plan to sign up at the convention, please bring your music on a USB drive! No other formats will be accepted.
  • Music must be no longer than 2 minutes (120 seconds). If your music is longer than 2 minutes, we will fade the music out at that point.
  • Please title your song YOURFURSUITNAME_FURSONACON24
  • Please upload your music file in MP3 or WAV format to the sign up form or send the file to us at the email listed at the top of this document.
  • Please keep it PG-13! No excessive sexual themes or swearing. If you need help with censoring your music, email us!
  • No links to Youtube/other sites will be accepted.
  • It’s recommended that, as well as uploading your music, you bring your song on a USB drive in case of any issues. This is not required if you sign up prior to the convention.

Attire and Fursuit

This is a FURSUIT dance competition! The minimum amount of costume required is:

  • Head, hands, feet, tail (if applicable.)
  • Maskimals, dino mask fursuits, and other store bought fursuit heads are allowed.
  • Large Sneaker or Paw Slippers are permitted if you do not own feet paws.

Please no clothing with swear words or inappropriate/offensive imagery (e.g. Swastikas, gang signs, Ahegao faces, etc.).

Examples of Approved Slippers from Happy Feet

Dance Routine

  • You will be dancing on a dance floor with the judges on stage.
  • Please do not jump off of the stage.
  • Props are permitted, but please clear them with us first. Please follow Fursonacon’s prop policy outlined in their rules!
  • You acknowledge that you are dancing at your own risk: any injuries from falls/jumps/props you bring are your fault and we are not liable for any of these injuries.
  • No overly sexual dancing will be allowed (excessive twerking, pelvic thrusting, etc.). Mild sexual themes are permitted, but please keep it PG-13.


Updated closer to con.


Saturday, August 31st at 7:00 pm in Main Events.

Please arrive NO LATER than 30 MINUTES EARLY and up to an hour early. If you do not arrive by 6:30pm, your position in the competition will be forfeited.

  • You will check in at the door to the event.
  • Order of dancers will be randomized.

Anything else will be communicated at the event. 

Best of luck!

Message from the Chairmen

The dance competition is a fun event. 

We encourage everyone to take a chance in signing up and hope to see you on the dancefloor. This is a family event and we hope to provide a positive atmosphere for all. We love to see growth and encouragement of all competitors. Good luck to all of you! 

– Tyr & Ark 

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