Gladiator Games

Do you like fursuit games?  How about some next level competition fursuit games?  It’s a competition with five rounds, and each round players will be eliminated.

Here’s how it works.

Round One.  Any fursuiter may compete.  This round will involve a furries prowess in hide n’ seek.  More seeking.  Not as easy as it sounds.  This round will determine the competitors for the rest of the competition.

Round Two.  A battle of wits.  Which fursuiter has the smarts to move on to the next round?  We’ll find out, won’t we?

Round Three.  It’s a word challenge!  Those big fluffy paws sure make it hard to pick things up.  We’ll see who puts their claws to use.

Round Four.  Since we’ve tortured you enough, how about something fun?  Maybe some music for you to wind down with.  Go ahead, grab a seat.

Round Five.  The entertainment round.  Do you have what it takes to impress the audience with your Gladiatorial skills?  IT’S A BATTLE TO THE DEATH!

As usual with typical Gladiators, only one can win.  The prize is a lovely trophy, the blessings of the emperor, and a God Level Pass for FursonaCon 2019!