Magic Show

Performed by Navarre

Main Events Stage
Saturday @ 4:00pm

For the first time ever....

We are proud to present The Majesty of the Mystical Navarre, our first ever magic show performance at FursonaCon.

Mystical Navarre

Navarre (formerly known as Ulysses)  is a multi-talented entertainer that has been practicing different performative arts, having done a few acts in the past at other conventions.

During the pandemic, Navarre has been tearing through the tomes of the forgotten, studying sparks and spells, and honing his magical skills for his next great act. He even picked up some complimentary skills like playing the hurdy gurdy and fire eating.

Navarre is looking forward to appearing at FursonaCon this year to demonstrate some of his newly trained magical abilities at the Academy of Magic.

Fellow wizards, grab your books, take notes, prepare to be dazzled at FursonaCon by The Majesty of the Mystical Navarre!

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