At this time, panel registrations are closed. We’ll be updating this page with panel information soon!

We need YOU to bring us your great ideas for panels! Panels are ran by the fans, for the fans! Got something you want to talk about? Something you want to share? Teach? Just want to have a get together with those that have common interests such as VR, DJ’s, Dancers, etc? Then panels are for YOU! Don’t be shy! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

As we are a furry convention, we are primarily looking for content that has to do with anthropomorphic animals, and the stories, costuming, and history surrounding them. However, we also encourage content that ties into general nerd culture, general convention culture, fandom, writing/creating, and the year’s theme.

Academy of Magic!

Anyone who has purchased or earned a badge for Fursonacon 2022. That includes attendees, staff,
vendors and guests. All panelists of an 18+ panel must be at least 18 years of age.

Yes. We are a family friendly convention though, so 18+ spots will be late night only, and thus will
have more limited spots. IDs will be checked for all 18+ content.

This information is for internal use only. We use legal names to verify your identity at check-in, for
cross reference with registration, and because some presenters may have multiple fursonas that they
would like to present under. Phone numbers are used only if we need to contact you regarding your
programming during the convention itself.

Panel rooms are equipped with 2-3 wired microphones, an LCD projector with s-video and standard
monitor hookup (if you have an apple product please provide your own adapter), an audio jack for PC-
RCA (Red and White connector) audio, HDMI, screen, and a PA system.

No. You will need to bring your own device if one is required for your presentation.

Panelists at Fursonacon 2022 will earn 1 free badge to Fursonacon 2023 for every 2 full hours of
programming completed. Those receiving the badge must be active participants in the panel(s) and must
provide their contact information to the Panels Department in order to receive their free badge for

After you have picked up your badge at registration, you will need to stop by the panelist check-in
desk. You will only need to do so once over the course of the weekend. This must be done at least 30
minutes prior to your first panel, but we encourage you to do it as soon as possible. It makes everything
run smoother for us, and lets you get it out of the way so you can enjoy the convention.
After that, please arrive at the panel room at least 10 minutes prior to your panel, to check in with our
staff there.

If you have not shown up to your panel room 15 minutes after the panel has been scheduled to start,
it will be considered cancelled. You will no longer qualify for compensation, if you did so.
If you have to cancel a panel, please let us know as soon as possible, via email to

There will be panel staff assigned to rooms to ensure that the panelists arrive, assist with set-up or
call in someone who can do so, keep time, and sanitize the rooms between panels. There may or may
not be a staffer in the room throughout the whole panel, but there will be staffers available nearby if
you need one.

Panel rooms will be closed off between panels for cleaning, set-up, and/or break-down. They will also
be closed off if the room has reached capacity, or for 18+ content, as we are a family friendly
convention. Fursonacon staffers will be stationed at the doors to check IDs for all 18+ content.

Yes, at this time, Fursonacon does consider meet-ups as panels. Please apply for them using the panel

Yes. Please apply for them using the panel application. However, please keep in mind that in attempt
to minimize the risk of spreading COVID 19, we will have to be more selective in which workshops we
accept this year.

All Fursonacon attendees should wear masks while in convention spaces, unless actively eating or
drinking. This includes while you are presenting a panel.
There will be time scheduled in between all panels for cleaning this year.
We will not be allowing custom room layouts this year, and will be attempting to schedule panels in
such a way that minimizes room changeovers.
For more information on our COVID policies, please click here: