Join our wagon!

Behind any successful event is a team of amazing people working hard to ensure everything goes well and that the attendees leave with lasting memories.  Whether you only want to help out during one of the events or you want to dedicate time to helping us plan and prepare for FursonaCon, we thank you for your kindness.

General Volunteer

We have multiple small positions that we need to fill over the weekend, such as attendants for the Video Games, Board Games, or Registration. A general volunteer is someone who is willing to be flexible and help us with an operation during the weekend.

Animal Control

Our helpful crew of well rounded volunteers who will be responsible during the con weekend with things like checking badges, watching for safety hazards, assisting attendees with questions, and other generally helpful activities.

Assets Team

These volunteers are responsible for the loading and unloading of the assets truck, as well as making sure everyone else has what they need to run successfully. Wednesday, we load the truck. Thursday, we unload it at the hotel. Sunday, we pack everything up and then drop it off at storage. However, all volunteers will be expected to help with the loading process, not just the assets team.

Character Design

Art is at the core of our fandom and any help is appreciated. We are looking for any artists who’s style comfortably fits the magic fantasy setting and would love to draw decorative elements or some of the characters that add to the lore of the Academy of Magic.

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