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Register for FursonaCon 2024

A Delving Adventure And Celebration Of Creativity!

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime at FursonaCon 2024: Dungeons Delvers in Newport News, VA from August 29-September 1.

Make sure to secure your spot at the convention and get ready for an unforgettable journey through dungeons.

Join us as a fellow delver on this journey by registering to attend the convention on RegFox.


Explorer Tiers


Regular Membership

The attendee tier is the perfect starting point for delvers looking to embark on an unforgettable journey with none of the extra frills. With access to all the convention’s exciting events, panels, and programming, you’ll be well on your way to an epic experience that’s sure to thrill.


Mid-Tier Membership

Take your delve to the next level with the sponsor tier, which includes everything in the attendee tier, but as a sponsor, you’ll also receive a free convention t-shirt to commemorate your delve.

God Level

God-Tier Membership

For delvers seeking the ultimate adventure, the god level tier is the way to go. This tier comes with all of the benefits of the sponsor tier, an exclusive treasure that only these delvers will be able to get their hands on, and a special opportunity to dine with the guests of honor.

Don’t miss out on this amazing VIP experience, as god-tier badges stop selling a month before the convention weekend!

No matter what tier you choose, we’re thrilled to have you join us on this delve and can’t wait to share the joy of FursonaCon with you!

Dungeon Delvers