Dance DJs


“DJ Tala is a furry DJ that wants to bring joy and entertainment to all the living creatures. Cyberwolf aka DJ Tala, is the second leader of a dance group called The Cyberfurz and he keeps thinking, maybe it’s time for him to spread the same feelings he gets from music. If you wanna feel what he feels and have the same energy, come to the FursonaCon dance night and he promises you that you’ll leave with a new life in music and dance.”

DJ OhDanger!

“Hailing from the shores of Maryland, this Salisbury based DJ has steeped in the sounds of bass. Heavily influenced by the UK sound, ohDanger! has cultivated his skills in House, Techno, UK dubstep/grime and most notably: Drum & Bass. But despite his junglist roots ohDanger! has been looking back to the beginnings of rave to gather inspiration; harking back to the nights filled with care-free acid house vibes and rockin break-beat rhythms. Rounding out his 8th year of performing live, ohDanger! is proud to return to FursonaCon to bring new sounds coupled with classic vibes. 

DJ Cuddle Butter


“I am Cuddle Butter, bass delivery service and purveyor of a knee-slapping good time! I have been DJing for 9 years under my company name Your Friendly Neighborhood DJ. I got started doing Hip-Hop Humpdays at Aladdin’s Kabab and Hookah in Fredericksburg, VA. Since then, I’ve done a few dozen Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, sweet 16’s, weddings, gay bars, and private events. I love music and the full spectrum of genres people enjoy listening too. Expect to go back in time, fast forward to the present, and twerk you heinie off on the audio journey you’re about to experience! Much love to all you freaky furries❤️🌈”


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