Panel Registration – Submit by June 9th

Hotel Information

Newport News Marriott at City Center

Newport News Marriott at City Center is near Newport News Shipbuilding, CNU, and Langley Air Force Base, making it the ideal home base for exploring the area. Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is five miles away from the hotel. 

Sharing the space with another event.


This year, another event will be occurring called “Over The Edge” which is ran by The DeGood Foundation

https://www.degoodfoundation.org/overtheedge has more information, including a sign up if you’d like to register to rappel over the side of the building, for charity. Take on 150 feet of adventure as you rappel down the side of the 11-story Marriott City Center to get more books into the hands of more children. You must raise a minimum of $1,000 by August 24th, 2024 to rappel. A non-refundable registration fee of $50 is counted toward your fundraising goal.

Join The Dungeon Delvers

Embark on a epic quest and become part of our fun-filled weekend.

Unite with fellow adventurers for this furry-fantasy weekend and let the dungeon crawling begin!

Dungeon Delvers

Panel Registration

Limited Time Quest

Brave adventurer and master of the dungeon’s depths, by leading a panel, you have the chance to impart your wisdom, ignite imaginations, and kindle a sense of camaraderie among fellow explorers, enriching the convention for all who attend.

Fear not, whether you are a battle-hardened veteran or embarking on your first quest as a panelist, we urge you to share your vision and help us craft an unforgettable saga this year!

Quest Expires On June 9th

Forging the Path Anew

Website Under Construction

Esteemed adventurer, we are in the midst of crafting a digital realm worthy of your grand exploits. Our website is currently under construction, as our skilled artisans and mages work tirelessly to create an experience that will enchant and inspire.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we weave the magic needed to bring this vision to life.