Dealer's Den and Artist Alley Information

Dealer's Den Applications Closed on April 1

This page will be updated with time as we finalize the layout of the convention floorplan and have more information to share to our attending creatives. Until then, please know that Artist Alley will be free and on a first-come-first-serve basis this year. Additionally, no forms of AI generated artwork or merchandise with AI arwork on it will be permitted to be sold on premise at all.

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Dealers Den vs. Artist Alley

Are you exhibiting your work at a convention for the first time and feeling a bit confused about the difference between Dealers Den and Artist Alley? If that’s the case, a quick comparison between the two should help you make a decision.

Dealers Den

  • You must apply and be accepted to have a table in the Dealers Den.
  • If accepted, there is a reservation fee for your table, but this fee includes your convention badge as well.
  • Once reserved, your table is gauranteed the entire convention weekend and you can leave your table set up, as we secure the Dealers Den at night.
  • Additionally, your name (or your brand’s name) will be displayed on our Dealers Den map. This is a great advertising opportunity and ensures your table is easy to locate.
  • The Dealers Den is an amazing option for anyone who wants to dedicate the convention weekend to advertising and selling their work.

Artist Alley

  • Table space is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • There is no fee to set up in Artist Alley.
  • You are only able to set up during the hours Artist Alley is open.
  • You must pack up your table at the end of the night.
  • Artist Alley is the best option for creatives who want to spend their downtime showcasing their work and earning some extra spending money, but have plans to attend many panels or hang out with friends throughout the convention weekend.
  • In the past, most artists only set up for an hour or two at a time before passing the table to someone else. This is fun for attendees as the Artist Alley tends to have a revolving selection of talent to browse from.
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