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Guests of Honor

Heartleaf Games

Heartleaf Games is a furry tabletop games publisher based in Buffalo New York. Creator of the Beast World setting for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, we are more than “the furry D&D folks.” We take pride in being a queer-owned business with a focus on community building and bringing our readership into the production of our books. We’ve worked with over 150 writers, artists, and creative folks in the furry fandom and we won’t stop until we’ve collaborated with every furry on Earth.

Our first project, The Delver’s Guide to Beast World, raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter and has sold over 6,000 copies. We manage the largest furry D&D Discord server with over 4,000 members. The goal of Heartleaf Games is to bring furry artists and creators together, and present their awesome work in a sharp and professional package for those within and outside of the fandom.

They deserve nothing less. You deserve nothing less.


Cullen McGuire, Chief, Creative Lead

Cullen is the ENNIE-submitted creator of the Beast World, and the stressed-but-excited hands at the wheel of Heartleaf Games. He’s been running tabletop games and teaching others the joys of the hobby for 15 years.

Lexi Fox, Layout Artist

Lexi Fox is the fiercely passionate layout artist and professional furry of Heartleaf Games. She has been playing tabletop RPGs and dreaming of fantasy worlds much of her life, and has found both her career and her family in the Beast World.


Jarett “Selius” Denning, Managing Editor

Despite all his rage, he’s still just a rat in a cage. Hailing from the faraway land of Lincoln, Nebraska, Jarett brings his electric passion for both creative writing and spreadsheets to elevate the Beast World. He is the writer of the also-ENNIE-submitted Deck of Delvers and a fervent defender of rat representation across all media.

Lyra Melody, Media Director

Lyra Melody is an Emmy-nominated photographer and cinematographer whose work has featured for NBC, Disney, and Netflix. You can find her pointing a camera at the rest of the Heartleaf staff or rummaging through the recycling bin on the corner of your street.



Action Arcade

Action Arcade has been a pillar to FursonaCon’s community and have provided us endless hours of entertainment in our panels. Action Arcade is a streaming and performance gaming company based out of the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads Area. They were founded at Ring of Fire back in 2013 and have been bringing live performances to the community ever since at Anime and SciFi conventions across Virginia. The team consists of people who have been gaming since they were toddlers ranging from streamer and live performers at panels to emcees and saboteurs to help out at conventions.

Join The Dungeon Delvers

Embark on a epic quest and become part of our fun-filled weekend.

Unite with fellow adventurers for this furry-fantasy weekend and let the dungeon crawling begin!

Dungeon Delvers

Panel Registration

Limited Time Quest

Brave adventurer and master of the dungeon’s depths, by leading a panel, you have the chance to impart your wisdom, ignite imaginations, and kindle a sense of camaraderie among fellow explorers, enriching the convention for all who attend.

Fear not, whether you are a battle-hardened veteran or embarking on your first quest as a panelist, we urge you to share your vision and help us craft an unforgettable saga this year!

Quest Expires On June 9th

Forging the Path Anew

Website Under Construction

Esteemed adventurer, we are in the midst of crafting a digital realm worthy of your grand exploits. Our website is currently under construction, as our skilled artisans and mages work tirelessly to create an experience that will enchant and inspire.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we weave the magic needed to bring this vision to life.