Artist Alley

Fursonacon Artist Alley
Artist Alley Hours:
Thursday: 3 pm to 10 pm
Friday: 10 am to 12 am
Saturday: 10 am to 12 am
Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm

New Artist to seasoned pro is welcomed to participate in the Artist Alley! You’ll notice that Fursonacon’s Artist Alley is run differently from some you might be used to at other conventions.

There is no charge for the use of the Artist Alley tables, but you must be registered for the convention in order to enter the Alley. So please do not forget to have your attendance badges on hand. Any one wishing to use the Artist Alley must sign-in with the staff present, and they’ll assign you a table.  In addition to that we have a few rules we ask all participants to adhere too, below are some highlights. The Full policies list can be viewed here.

  • Space is at a first come, first served basis and can not be reserved. You must take your things and clean your space when you leave for an extended (more than 30 minute) time period.
  • Spaces easily used for mobility seating should be given to those requiring space behind the table for mobility devices or assistant animals. An artist already occupying the space while the space is full will not be made to leave, however if a non-priority space is available they may be requested to move so that all attendees may enjoy the space fully.
  • All works sold in the Artist Alley must be of your own work or must feature you prominently in it (such as a comic book). No third party dealers are allowed in the Artist Alley.
  • You are obligated by Virginia state law to collect sales tax and turn it into the state after the weekend. FursonaCon is not responsible for your taxes or providing the forms.  All forms can be found here:
  • If a minor is to use the artist alley, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times during their usage of the Artist Alley. As a reminder the Artist Alley is to conduct business, the sale of artwork and other materials produced by the artists. Minors can not buy or sell adult art work. Please be sure you are verifying the age of your clients. All 18+ works must be censored or placed in a properly marked folder and only shown once the age of the viewer is verified.
  • You are limited to a 1/2 table space of approximately 3×3 to work in.
  • Because space is tight in the area, please bring only what you need to sell or do your art.
    Only artisans behind tables, please.
  • Electricity is NOT provided at the tables, even if you happen to be seated near a plug. A power strip will be provided at the staff table for you to use as needed. You may not leave items plugged in to charge; staff cannot be held responsible for items left at the power strip.
  • No open drinks on the tables. This includes cans and drinks with open-center dome lids.
  • If you are selling chemicals or soaps, do not open the containers within the alley.

It is asked that no selling is done after Artist Alley is closed, if it is seen that someone has set up displays outside of the Artist Alley you will be asked to remove the displays.