Fursuit Dance Comp Registration Now Open! – Submit by August 23rd


Yes. You must present a current photo ID with your name and date of birth on it at registration, such as a Passport, Driving Licence, Government issued military ID, National ID Card, or a Student Identity Card. No pictures on phones or electronic ID allowed. Make sure you have your ID on you before leaving your home. 

Any attendees under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian in attendance at the convention at all times. This means that the parent/guardian must have a badge for the event.  Children age 7 and under are not required to pay for a badge. A parent/guardian will be required to fill out a FORM with their information and their childs information at registration before being allowed to receive their badges. 


The hotel does not allow pets.  ADA Compliant Service Animals (this does not include Emotional Support Animals or other types of support animals) are the only animals (other than Furries) accepted in the hotel. Please contact hotel directly to advise.

The hotel has a strict no-smoking policy for all inside areas. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes and “vaping”. Specific smoking/vaping areas are available outside the hotel.

Don’t worry, it’s a common affliction that gets us all a… OH! You’re being serious!  Find our staff application on this page or you can volunteer your services at our Animal Control at the convention and we’ll find you somewhere to help!

We’re sorry, but all registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Absolutely.  We’ll have registration open for every day of the event.

Yes! If you have already completed your registration, you can contact us via our contact us section. Unfortunately, we will not allow upgrading to God tier on month before the con has started.

Yes. In order to complete your registration and be admitted to Fursonacon, the name with which you register must match the name on your government-issued Photo ID. Your real name will not be used on your badge. 

We do not have a conbook at Fursonacon. To help keep cost and waste down, everything we have available is online. If you wish to send us advertising in the form of a small poster or flyers, we’d be happy to advertise for you inside the convention itself. 

Follow us for announcements and updates as we get closer to the con!

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