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Code Of Conduct

Play Nice.

FursonaCon reserves the right to change/add/remove to these rules at our discretion without prior notice. Trust us in that we will not make up rules to get anybody in trouble. These rules are here to promote a fun, friendly, safe, and respectful environment for everybody involved.

Local and state laws and venue rules supercede these rules. If you have a question about any rules, ask your nearest staff. If you would like to escalate your issue, notify our staff and it will be escalated, all the way up to the chairman if necessary. These rules are not all inclusive.

Feel free to go to the convention staff with any problems. We want a fun AND safe convention for everyone and that’s what they’re here for!

The Rules Apply to All

The rules on this page must be observed by all attendees (including staff) at all times during the convention – no exceptions. You are not entitled to a refund if you are expelled from the convention due to a violation of the rules. Failure to read the rules does not excuse you from being bound by them either.

Don't Cause Trouble

Any action or behavior that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects FursonaCon’s relationship with its guests, its venues or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in permanent suspension of membership.

Take Care of Yourself

We encourage attendees to follow the “6-2-1” rule. Every day, get at least six (6) hours of sleep, two (2) complete meals , and one (1) shower. If an attendee with disruptive scent is brought to staff’s attention we may ask said attendee to take steps to reduce any odor(s), this includes strong fragrances.  Remember, Axe is not a shower in a can.  

Badges Required

Your badge must be on your person and in a visible location at all times while in convention areas, even if you are wearing a fursuit. Replacement badges are $5. If someone is caught wearing someone else’s badge, it is considered a severe breach of the rules and will be dealt with accordingly.

Be Kind To Fellow Attendees

Always cooperate with staff. This includes FursonaCon staff, hotel security, and hotel staff. Remember, if there is a disagreement, politely request the issue be escalated.  Barring any immediate safety concerns, your request will be honored, within reason.

Threats, stalking, harassment, or persistently rude behavior may result in your membership being revoked.

Laws About Masks

Virginia has some pretty serious anti-mask laws. That being said, at our current venue the bar is located in the main lobby area. Fursuit heads or other masks that obscure the face are strictly prohibited from the area around the bar. Everywhere else, with the exception of the pool area, is perfectly fine.

Papers Please

Valid government issued photo ID is required for admittance to the convention – even if you preregister. You will be required to produce valid government issued photo ID when you pick up your badge. Failure to do so will result in being denied access to the convention. Staff may also ask to see your ID at any point during the convention. Merchants/artists/vendors/dealers may also request to see ID to verify you’re over 18 before allowing you to view/buy any adult material.

Minors Must Be Accompanied

Minors must have a parent/legal-guardian in attendance for the duration of the event. This means in the venue, or on hotel property, available should the need arise, and in attendance. This means they must have a badge and be aware of the event and the activities therein.” to “Minors must have a parent/legal-guardian in attendance for the duration of the event. This means in the venue, or on hotel property, available should the need arise, and in attendance. This means they must have a badge and be aware of the event and the activities therein. There is a FORM that they will need to complete and sign when they come to registration to pick up your badges.

Drink Responsibly

Open alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the common areas except in the hotel bar.

Remember, the law is the law. Underage drinking is prohibited. Facilitating underage drinking is prohibited. Illegal substances, and the use thereof, is prohibited. Be smart, be safe.

Weapon Policy

Real weapons and projectiles are prohibited. Any item used in a dangerous or threatening manner, regardless of the item’s common use, may be considered a weapon. FursonaCon staff reserve the right to determine what is and is not a weapon.  Don’t cornobble people, it’s impolite. 

Smoking Notice

Virginia prohibits smoking except in designated areas of the hotel. Smoking/vaping is not permitted in convention space. Hotel policies apply to sleeping rooms. When smoking outdoors, please properly dispose of your cigarette butts.


Keep all public displays of affection family-friendly. Non-sexual kissing, hugs, and back scratching are examples of family-friendly displays of affection. Any overt public displays of affection that are contrary to a family-friendly environment are prohibited.


All artwork must be appropriately censored to meet family friendly guidelines when being displayed openly. Using painters tape or post-it notes over explicit parts of adult artwork are examples of appropriate censorship. Artwork in closed binders or notebooks does not need to be censored, but it is your responsibility to ensure only adults view your work.  Ask for ID if in doubt.  


Deliberate destruction or theft of convention, hotel, or attendee property, fighting, or lewd/sexual behavior within convention space will result in your convention membership being revoked. It may also result in involvement from hotel security and/or local authorities.


Shirts, pants (including shorts, skirts, kilts), and appropriate footwear are to be worn at all times on hotel property. Appropriate swimwear must be worn when entering the pool. Nudity (including simulated nudity), diapers, underwear, and explicitly revealing clothing are not to be displayed in public areas. Skin tight rubber/latex/spandex may be worn with modesty; in other words, please cover up revealing areas with shorts or accessories. Clothing or accessories which display offensive artwork, phrases, or bearing symbols of hatred, or likenesses similar to, are not permitted in the convention area. Attendees wearing such clothing will be asked to leave convention space. FursonaCon reserves the right to determine what is or is not a likeness to said prohibited symbols.

Report With Consent

Pictures may not be used for professional purposes or broadcast media without the express written permission of the FursonaCon organization board.

Members of the press or news media employees, in any capacity, are not allowed in the convention or hotel areas unless they have specifically requested and have been issued a press pass by the FursonaCon organization board.

Individuals or groups granted a press pass must visibly identify themselves as “Press” at all times while in the convention and hotel area.

Press are required to request the permission of any and all individuals for interviews, photos, film, video, or any other activity intended for public release or broadcast.

Any individual granted a press pass must also purchase a member registration in order to receive a badge for access to the convention.

Lost Items

The convention and its representatives are not responsible for loss of or damage to attendees’ personal property, nor is the hotel or its staff responsible for the same. Neither the convention nor the hotel nor their representatives shall be held responsible for any personal injury which occurs on the premises. If any attendee, staff member, hotel guest, or any other person on the premises is injured badly enough to require emergency care, please alert convention staff or AMS, but call 911 first! If the injury is not life-threatening, please contact a member of our Staff. The convention cannot and will not be held responsible for any action or events taking place in private sleeping rooms. The person to whom the room is rented will be held responsible for all activities and any damages. If our staff becomes aware of any illegal activity taking place in a private sleeping room we are obligated to report this to the authorities.

Any unattended items found at the convention may be turned in at the Animal Control room, at the registration desk, or to any member of staff. Convention staff will hold any items turned in until they are claimed by their owner. Any items not claimed within 90 days at the end of the convention may become property of the convention and may be disposed of. If you feel you may have lost an item and the convention is over, please email: [email protected]

We’re not the first furry convention and we won’t be the last, so why reinvent the wheel? The rules are heavily inspired by many different conventions, both furry and non. These conventions have paved the way and have provided many examples for us to follow. We humbly thank them for being the pioneers that they are. As such, if you’ve ever been to a convention, furry or otherwise, expect a lot of the same rules to apply with very rare exceptions. Always ask yourself, is this acceptable behavior for public? If the answer is no, or you’re unsure, feel free to ask your nearest staff member for guidance. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Follow us for announcements and updates as we get closer to the con!

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