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Educate, Entertain, and Build a Community

As a daring explorer and delver of dungeons, your unique perspectives and passions are what make our convention truly one-of-a-kind.

By hosting a panel, you have the opportunity to share your expertise, creativity, and enthusiasm with fellow dungeon crawlers, making the convention experience richer and more fulfilling for all.

So don’t be shy – whether you’re a seasoned presenter or a first-time panelist, we encourage you to submit your ideas and help us make this year the best one yet!



About 2024 Panels

Applications will be open from March 9 until June 9, 2024.

You should hear back about the status of your application by June 16, 2024.

Anyone with a valid Fursonacon badge is able to be considered for presentation of a panel. That means attendees of any level, vendors, staff, etc. Our only caveats are that those under the age of 18 will not be allowed to present 18+ content, and must be accompanied by a guardian for panelist check-in.

We look for unique, entertaining, and educational programming. Programming that fits the theme of the convention is also desirable. Diversity is also something we strive for, to try not to overload the schedule with too many programs of the same subject matter.

A wondrous dungeon delve into table top RPG with special guests Heartleaf Games!

No, you are able to purchase your badge at the door and still present your panel so long as you are a registered attendee by the time your panel starts.

At this time, we are able to accept most of our panel applications, however there are some panels that we are not able to accept. Reasons for denying a panel include but are not limited to time, technical, and legal restrictions.

If you will be 18 years by August 29th, 2024, you can apply for an 18+ panel. We will be checking IDs at the panel doors, even for the panelists. Please note that 18+ time slots are limited, as 18+ content will not start any earlier than 9pm.

Yes. We have three levels of content at Fursonacon. Most of our content is appropriate for all ages, but we do offer the option of 18+ content starting no earlier than 9pm, and we also offer a 13+ designation. Anyone entering an 18+ panel, including the presenter, must show ID. You must have a physical ID showing your picture and date of birth. We do not accept digital IDs or pictures of IDs. We do not check IDs for 13+ content; this designation is a courtesy discretionary warning.

You have until June 9th to submit your panel requests.

We ask for your legal name so that we can verify who you are for panelist check-in and in case we need to cross reference our records with registration. We ask for a date of birth because we require panelists to sign a tech waiver at panelist check-in, so any minor panelist must have a guardian sign for them. We ask for a phone number in case we need to contact you during the event. We will never divulge anyone’s personal information or use it for any other purposes.

Our tech waiver is a simple document that states you will not disturb our technical equipment during your panel. All panelists are required to sign one (or have a guardian sign for them in the case of minor panelists) before presenting. This will be done when you check in as a panelist.

Panel rooms are equipped with 2 wired microphones on the stage, an LCD projector with s-video and standard monitor hookup, an audio jack for PC-RCA (Red and White connector) audio, HDMI, screen, and set of speakers. If your computer uses a hookup not on this list, we ask that you please bring your own adapter.

No, you must provide your own device to present your panel with. We are unable to provide dedicated internet for panels so we recommend that you have your presentation downloaded in a way that it can be presented offline should the venue internet get overloaded or go down.

Panelists who provide two (2) hours of content will be eligible for a free badge for Fursonacon 2025.

Check in is very important- it lets us know that you are at the convention and ready to present! At least 30 minutes before your program is scheduled to begin you will need to come to Panel Check In to complete the check in paperwork. You will only need to complete the paperwork once if you are doing multiple panels. Panelists will receive an email directing them to the location of panelist check-in. We recommend doing this early so that you can enjoy the rest of the convention at your leisure.

There will be at least 30 minutes of setup and breakdown time between all panels this year. Extended setup and breakdown time will be given as available upon request.

15 minutes after your programming is scheduled to begin, if you haven’t shown up to your assigned room, your panel will be canceled. If you find that you cannot host your programming please let us know as soon as possible via email to [email protected].

There will be panel staff assigned to rooms to ensure that the panelists arrive, assist with set-up or
call in someone who can do so, keep time, and reset the rooms between panels. There may or may
not be a staffer in the room throughout the whole panel, but there will be staffers available nearby if
you need one.

Rooms will only be closed in the event that there are no seats left in the room, or for mature (18+) programming (which will occur after 9pm). Our convention staff will check IDs at the door. Room clears are also times when there are no attendees in the room other than panelists and staff.

Yes, at this time, Fursonacon does consider meet-ups as panels. Please apply for them using the panel

Yes. Please apply for them using the panel application. However, please keep in mind that in attempt
to minimize the risk of spreading COVID 19, we will have to be more selective in which workshops we
accept this year.

Please email any other questions you may have to [email protected]

Make Sure To Register!

While we would love guest visitors, all panels must be hosted by registered dungeon delvers.

Contact FursonaCon

If you have any questions about panels, please feel use the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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