Houses of the Academy

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The Strongolds

Founded by Castor Strongold, a tiger that values ambition and hard work. Strongolds are dedicated to their art; whether it be with canvas, spells, music, or dance. Strongolds shoot for the top. They’ll lift spirits and help people when they’re down.

The Stonetalons

Founded by Lilith Stonetalon, a gryphon that values wit and charm. Stonetalons are masters of disguise. They like to put on a good show and bring happiness to those around them. Stonetalons like being the center of attention, but they’ll pull others in so everyone can shine together.

The Drakhorns

Founded by Pax Drakhorn, a dragon that values cunning and loyalty. Drakhorns like a good competition. They take games seriously and always aim to win. Drakhorns show good sportsmanship and are the best friends to have.

The Rivermores

Founded by Angus Rivermore, an otter that values creativity and patience. Rivermores will take time out of their day to help a friend. They’re passionate about sharing knowledge and having fun while doing it. If anyone ever needs an ear, a Rivermore is there to listen.

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